Jacobs Crawley

Jacobs Crawley

Event: Saddle Bronc

Birthday: 5/27/88

Been With Panhandle/Rock & Roll Since: 2011

"BELIEVE you can do it. If you just make up your mind that failure or giving up is not an option, you'll get there."

Rodeo wasn't always the first priority for Jacobs Crawley. Before becoming a the 2016 World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider, obtaining his degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Texas A&M University was the priority; making him a 3rd generation engineering grad.

When asked what his biggest inspiration is, Jacobs said that it's his wife. "She's my driving force to be better everyday. I love her and our life together and she gives me the love and support I need to push myself harder than I did the day before."