Britany Diaz

britany-diaz-1.jpgEvent: Barrel Racing

Birthday: July 28

Been With Panhandle/Rock & Roll Since: 2011

Animals: Dasher Dude aka Rootie, April's Dashing Cash aka Elvira, CM Bubblin Dynamite aka Hope

"Surround yourself with people that are driven and positive.  Negative mouths equal a negative mind and result in a negative outcome."

When considering a champion horse, a weanling posted at only $800 is probably not turning heads. But luckily for Britany Diaz, her parent's suprise purchase would forever change her life. After much training and patience, Rootie became a great NFR, ERA and CFR mare. Britany says that Rootie has opened many doors for her in rodeo, helped her pay for college, pay for her rig, and ultimately allowed her to meet her husband.  If you ask Britany, Rootie is irreplaceable.